Screen Printing

How Screen Printing Works

Screen printing is a tried and trusted method to brand your uniforms. It is a traditional stencil method where your artwork is printed by pushing inks through a stencil on a mesh screen directly onto the garment. Your logo or artwork has to be separated into solid colours and a separate mesh screen is prepared for each colour in your artwork.

Things to Consider

- Best choice for large orders with a large print area.
- Ideal for branding on pockets or seams.
- Not as durable as embroidery - if you wash and wear your garments regularly, embroidery may be a better option.

So Whats Next?

We know that finding the perfect uniform for your staff is key. Contact us now to find out what we can do for you. We are happy to give you a quote or we can come see you to talk about the next step for your business.

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